Student Work

Fall 2010 – Another Great Year of Teaching at Ferris State University

Photo of Fall2010 Students: TVPR320

FALL 2010 Student Projects

Walk Cycle Animation | Team Members

  • David, Kyle, Laweren
  • Mark, Carl, Bryan
  • Jenny, Jessica, Jeremy
  • Ferris, Nick, Steven

Flying 3D Logo Animation | Motion Graphic Project Teams

  • TeamNeedsAMac – Jenny, Steven, Jeremy: Jaguar
  • TeamTiger – Bryan, Kyle, Nick: Detroit Tigers
  • The Marshmallows of Death – Jessica and Mark: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Florida Gators – Ferris and  Laweren: New Era
  • Team BP – Carl and David: BP

Presentation Paper Chosen Topics for Fall 2010 Students

  • Ferris: HDR Lighting in 3D gaming
  • Steven: Green Screen
  • Jessica: Fur/Skin Texturing
  • Nick: Stop Motion/Claymation
  • David: Character Motion Capture
  • Bryan: Rotoscoping
  • Mark: Phong Shader/Shaders
  • Carl: Cloth simulations
  • Lawren: Anticipation Animation Techniques
  • Kyle: Motion Tracking of Camera moving.
  • Jeremy: 3D Lighting
  • Jenny(Evgenia): steroscopic 3D theater technology

Bouncing Ball Animation | Teams


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