Mo-Cap, 3D Scanning, and Facial Animation

Great Interview with Digital Artist about using various software to achieve the desired look and effect.Watch the entire video series on YouTube below. Character was rendered in Lightwave.

Interview with the artist:

Learn More mo-cap and 3D Scanning at

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Disney’s Tangled: Hair Demo with Kelly Ward

Copyright Walt Disney's Tangled

This Video is very technical about Hair Simulations used in Walt Disney’s animated feature Tangled, created at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Senior Software Engineer Kelly Ward takes us through an in-depth demonstration of how they created Rapunzels hair in ‘Tangled’.

Watch Video ->

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Digital Hair for Lightwave

Examples of Lightwave Hair Simulations

Lightwave v9.2 uses a plug-in called Saslite to generate hair. This plug-in is applied as a deformation and filter. So there are 2 places where it needs to be setup. Also only a single color of hair can be applied to the selected “surfaced” geometry. For multiple colors or lengths you will need to apply the deformation filter multiple times. See tutorial

Hair can be animated by animating the spline guides associated with the generated hair. These splines can be animated through bones and endomorphs.

Super-Basic Tutorial on generating hair on a 3D Model –

Old School hair Tutorial –

How to create crude grass using SasLite –


Updated Method using Lightwave v9.5 and above

Lightwave V9.3 for MAC and above does not support this plugin. Newtek switched to a more robust plugin called FiberFX which allows more control over the hair including use of Dynamics. Hair can be applied using various weight maps so the hairs can have a nice fall off.

Essential lightwave 3D 8: the fastest and easiest way to master LightWave

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Walk Cycle Examples Continued

Online Tutorial by Erik WestLund – Walk Cycle

Example of a GOOD Walk Cycle and Tip-

Example of a BAD Walk Cycle and Tip –

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Walk Cycles – Getting Started

Introduction and Preview of Animating a Walk Cycle:

Introduction to IK: Inverse Kinematics:

Basic Walk Cycle using a robot:

Introduction to the RIG format:

Inverse Kinematics (IK): Motion is inherited UP the hierarchy, from the extremities to the more proximal joints (closer to the body) which are their parents.
Forward Kinematics (FK): Forward Kinematics, motion is inherited DOWN the hierarchy from the parents to the children. It is similar to doing stop motion animation – moving each individual part individually.

Overview of IK and FK:

Overview of a Bi-ped Character Walk Cycle:

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Newtek Magazine and YouTube Channel

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Blender Project: Sintel and Blender 2.55

Watch the Trailer ->

Documentary on the project/short animated animated movie Sintel using the open source 3D program Blender.

Install Blender 2.49b – Supports Import and Export of Lightwave models and other various data formats. Requires use of a 3 button mouse and scroll wheel.

  1. Download and Install Python – 2.6 ->DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Download and Install for WINDOWS or MAC
  3. Watch Video Tutorial on how to use the program
  4. More Tutorials Available to help get you started

Blender Beta Version(2.55) has a new easier to understand User Interface(UI) and has more advanced features. For only having to spend money on training books and DVDs you can’t beat the price of Blender – FREE. The new interface is much easier to understand since it acts more like Lightwave and Maya.

Make Human – Generate Human 3D models quickly.
WATCH VIDEO: How to import MakeHuman Files into Blender

Online Books to Help get you started in Using Blender

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