Best Practices for Online Portfolios

  • Show not only the final product, but show the process of how you got to the final image – such as storyboards, sketches, general concepts, or mock ups. You want the viewer, whether a fan or a client a feeling of the big picture.
  • Make sure your personality and style stands out – the purpose of your portfolio is to showcase you, after all.
  • The website should be simple and clear.
  • Think like a client
  • Setup an archive
  • Show you evolution
  • Balance your portfolio
  • Blog
  • Choose quality over quantity – Choose the best work
  • Have a social network presence – Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Youtube, Vimeo, Mograph.
  • Use a content management system such as SquareSpace, WordPress, Cargo to make it easier to update your portfolio website
  • Sell your work through an online store – Big Cartel, Printfection

About teaching3d

Johnny B Allen is an adjunct instructor at Ferris State University, and owner of Evolving Creativity, LLC. Evolving Creativity, LLC is an interactive production and digital marketing company. The company produces an entertaining and educational show called Talking Scuba and is available at, iTunes, Blip.TV, and other video social networks. JohnnyB has worked in Grand Rapids, MI in both radio and TV network affiliate stations(WOOD TV8(LINTV) & B93/WOODRadio/WSNX(ClearChannel)
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