Best Animated Star Wars Fan Film

The winner of the prize for Best Animated fan film at Star Wars Celebration V and was presented in 3D during the convention. “The Solo Adventures” tells the tale of how Han Solo dropped his cargo at the first sign of an Imperial Cruiser. But of course there is a lot more to the story! This film was a class project by students at the DAVE School of digital Arts and Visual Effects in Orlando Fla. This version of the film is not the same as the one that appears on Atom

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Best Practices for Online Portfolios

  • Show not only the final product, but show the process of how you got to the final image – such as storyboards, sketches, general concepts, or mock ups. You want the viewer, whether a fan or a client a feeling of the big picture.
  • Make sure your personality and style stands out – the purpose of your portfolio is to showcase you, after all.
  • The website should be simple and clear.
  • Think like a client
  • Setup an archive
  • Show you evolution
  • Balance your portfolio
  • Blog
  • Choose quality over quantity – Choose the best work
  • Have a social network presence – Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Youtube, Vimeo, Mograph.
  • Use a content management system such as SquareSpace, WordPress, Cargo to make it easier to update your portfolio website
  • Sell your work through an online store – Big Cartel, Printfection
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Post Magazine

Director’s Chair: Gore Verbinski – ‘Rango’
HOLLYWOOD — After directing the first three films in the mega-franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, Gore Verbinski knows a thing or two about how to helm a huge production. And thanks to all the CGI in the third  Pirates film, he was also well versed in dealing with animation, making him the perfect choice to helm Rango, the new fully-animated film from Paramount.

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Building Social Apps – Easier Distribution

Gigya is  a Socialize service, developers can easily integrate leading social  networks with their their games.

Gigya’s single “super” API enables you to bring the power of social networks to your site, to drive registrations, traffic and engagement.

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3Dvia Shape 4.0

Shape 4.0 is available as a free download –

Available only on the PC

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Luxology Delivers Modo 501


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Mo-Cap and Composting of Gollum for TV/Video.

New Award by MTV – Best Virtual Performance in a Movie – Gollum wins for Lord of the Rings. Andy and Gollum try to accept the award.This video is very entertaining. May not be suited for small children –

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